Global Communication Skills

An Overview

This program is designed to develop key communication skills for people working in the global market. It focuses on both telephonic and written communication, and trains participants to learn effective communication with international clients and stakeholders

  • Introduce participants to communication skills
  • Identify communication issues that they have
  • Review real business communications
  • Impact of communication issues on role and business
  • Identify key communication skills to develop
  • Differences between face to face and telephone communication
  • Develop telephone best practice
  • Learn effective call flow
  • Practice effective calls, a core training in soft skills
  • Train in appropriate rate of speech
  • Managing effective email communication
  • Key elements of effective email communication
  • Open an email effectively
  • Attend to task within an email
  • Learn to use appropriate vocabulary and grammar
  • Write effective subject lines
  • Train in structuring an email effectively
  • Learn to improve email readability
  • Train in International communication
  • Differences between local and international communication
  • Different cultural preferences in communication
  • Review direct and indirect communication
  • Review different time orientations
  • Build internationally effective communications

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